Unquenchable Love

Yesterday, my younger sister told me about her unquenchable love for men.

As she gushed about it, my mind flashed back to when we were children. We held hands and sang whenever we walked in the dark – we were scared of the dark.  Our innocence – pure,  shining, and unassuming.

Yet, here she was, now a young woman, professing about her “unquenchable” love for men.

l felt her excitement, but i stopped myself from expressing it. I did not think she would fancy my excitement.

Yesterday as well,  I met up with a guy. A platonic friend.

He is tall, handsome and has a great sense of humor. His lower lip has a pinkish hue; it gives his chocolate skinned face a cute look. Anytime he speaks to me,  95% of my thoughts revolve around one thought – kissing him.

I have a crush on him.

The feeling has been here for four months now. I have considered telling him, but every time I had tried to, I talked myself out of it.

He is too precious to loose.

During this visit, he hugged me and told me I looked “cute” and introduced me to a girl. A gorgeous girl. I prayed their relationship was like the one he and i shared – we were just friends. But, the way she touched his cheek, the way he looked into her eyes, the way they laughed in each others arms.

He asked me if everything was ok. I told him i was fine, but i had to leave. Something came up and i had to attend to it. I excused myself. i got into my car and looked at my rear-view mirror. I told myself. I would be ok. As i drove, i felt a streak across my right cheek. I wiped it with my right finger. It was wet. A voice said i should be strong.

The tears came gushing. I parked the car and i cried

When I was done, i felt relieved. I drove home. I met my sister with a man. A cute young man. When he was gone, she came into my room raving about her love for men. She kept screaming and fanning herself with her fingers all the while smiling and pacing the room. Then, she collapsed on my bed and asked: why are men so freaking attractive?!

I was silent. It sounded rhetoric.

She grabbed one of my pillow and hugged it laying on her back and staring at the ceiling as though she was in a trance.

Was it wrong for me to feel how she felt?

I saw his number ring my phone. I ignored it.  He called again. I excused myself and went out the room to pick the call. He wanted to know what was “really” wrong. I had to tell him.

Then the phone went dead. I called again but he wouldn’t pick. I could already feel the “unquenchable” love dying away. It felt awful. I couldn’t go my back to my room – I could hear my sister gushing to someone on the phone.

I plugged my earpiece into my ear and strolled the estate. The sky was clear blue. It reminded me of how blue i felt. The wind was warm. It managed to dry the sweat I had accumulated from telling him. The estate was empty. It told me i was, again, all alone in this world.

I walked back home. I knocked twiced and waited for the gate to be opened. Then, i saw what looked like his car. I ignored whoever opened the gate and walked towards the car. It was him.

He invited me into the car and we talked. I told him about my unquenchable love. I told him how the feeling had been there for so long and i told him how I couldn’t stand him killing me softly with everything he did.

I turned to look at him. His eyes were in mine. He leaned over, placed his palm on my left cheek and he kissed my lips.

Stay tuned for the sequel

Enjoy my blog.

You are awesome.

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  1. Hi glow, I knw hw u feel and i like d final twist to the story, I really hope it’s not fiction…ur blog is really nice, keep up d good work.
    You are awesome!


    1. Hello Mike, Welcome to my blog. There are 16 posts on this blog. U can navigate by hitting the small black rectangle with 3 white stripes at the top of the page.

      Also, just below each post, that are links to “related posts”. The immediate previous and next post show below “related posts” with their titles.

      To go home (the front page), click the beautiful picture are the very top of the page or “GAY Life of an Anonymous Writer”. This takes you to where you can have access to all the post.

      If you are still having trouble, consider using another browser. I love Chrome and Firefox for mobile and p.c

      Enjoy my blog.


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