America is a failed government?

Chimamanda’s TED talk (“We Should All Be Feminists”) caused quite a lot of stir.

I remember being in a gathering of men. One of them had been fascinated by the collection of videos I had in my phone. He had stumbled upon the TED talk, and brought it up now for discussion.

Just as Chimamanda had pointed out, most of them believed that her ideas were far-fetched: a woman should know her place in society – Nigerian society. She had brought her westernized ideas and they wanted none of it.

A man’s life was to “hustle” for money (explore and enjoy the world to meet this end). And, a woman’s life was to give birth to children and take care of them. She needn’t pretend she was entitled to more than that. If she had her way, fine. But,  it wasn’t her entitlement.

Chimamanda’s ideas – though well said – were an insult to our way of life. They were foreign. She didn’t have to “force”  her American ideas on us.

One of them shouted,

Look at America sef! America is a failed government!

And went on to state evidences to support his claim: children using guns to kill their classmates in schools, always fighting one war or another,  men having sexual relationship with men!

He said the last bit tugging my right shoulder – distracting me from soaking in the pleasure of being with more than six hot young men in heated debate. As though he wanted an affirmation that i was in support of his argument.

“How can a full fleshed man like me” He said pointing to himself. “Leave woman and be pursing another man?”

His dismissive tone suggested to me that the question was rhetoric. I was right.

It was funny that he asked me! The gayest the man in the world.

I tried to see how the American government had failed or how Chimamanda’s ideas were far-fetched. But, it was hard.

I live in Nigeria. The government here is ¢¤§~¿{%&@]™×bbeeeeeeeep. It hard to dismiss that and focus on the persumed failure of another. A first world country for that matter.

Chimamanda is one the smartest Nigerian the internet has given me the opportunity to come across. I believe we should all let down old ways of life that deter progress and sustainability. That was a central theme of her message.

In addition, America makes the Internet very robust. It’s hard to see how they have failed.

Enjoy my blog.

You are awesome.

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  1. I have seen the TedTalk featuring chimamanda and she actually blew me away with her speech. Anyway,your friend must be a serial ®©¤¢¢&%@2+% for him to ignore the woes & failures of the nigerian government & condemn the american government(what seems like perfection when compared 2 our’s)


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