How Man Go Dey Fuck Man???

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I can describe the answer to that question in details. But, to save you the trauma, and have you eat your next meal in peace. I wont.

In this present age, every thing revolves around sex. If you doubt me, look to the next billboard you come across. See how that girl’s cleavage is exposed? Or, how that shirtless muscled man shows you a product with a coy smile?

I can’t blame people for thinking about sex whenever they hear the term: gay.

How will two men in a relationship with each other do it?

It’s easy for me to respond with: why bother yourself with the answer? Or, in more local terms; what is your own business there?

But, a response like that doesn’t help either of us. Our goal is to create a bridge to understanding.

When I think of sex with my sister (or brother), the first thing that comes to my mind is: God forbid. And, my body goes on to dispell the yuckiness of that thought.

I imagine that’s what most straight people feel when it comes to gay sex. So, I can – in partail terms – say i understand how you feel.

However, when I think outside the cycle of family, the yuckiness of being with another human being – in that way – looses its yuckiness.

For such business, I rely on my mind and body to pull or push me to certain features that make me feel a frission of excitement. For you, it might the big bouncing breast of a passing girl. For me, it happens to be the wonderful physique of a muscle toned man. How that happened is – in totality- beyond me.

Your body pushes you to meet the girl. You are lucky, she fancies you too. And, you guys do your business.

My question:

How easy was it for you to open up yourself to her?

Your response might be: it just happened naturally.

That’s my response too.

Enjoy my blog.

You are awesome.

15 thoughts on “How Man Go Dey Fuck Man???

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    1. Thanks John. I don’t think it’s “beyond comprehension”. We simply don’t have enough information to understand it now.

      Many things in the past have been “beyond comprehension” – think of diseases and race.

      Though, so much has been done in recent years with regards to gay issues. There is still much to be done. Especially concerning awareness and breaking societal codes.

      Don’t resent God, it doesn’t change much of anything. Instead, it causes you pain. Do your best to love. That’s what we are here for. That’s what being gay has taught me.

      Be good.

      You are awesome.


    1. I was trained, better still, taught to be heterosexual.

      They inundate you with their way of life. Which, when it comes to love can be beautiful to watch.

      Homosexuality, sort of, just happened.

      You wake one morning and realise everything you’ve been taught has been a lie. Or, doesn’t apply to everybody. Its heart breaking. you simply have to unlearn somethings, relearn other things and bring yourself to understanding.

      Understanding makes acceptance easier.


  1. Just few posts, and i’m addicted already. I keep reading your posts over and over again. My friend recommended this blog to me, and I’m so glad she did. I’m a girl btw but I love gay guys although I haven’t met many, i’m sure I might be surrounded by most sef. Anyway I really appreciate you for creating this blog, it’s like a relief to gay guys who think no one would ever accept them for who they are , such a brilliant idea.
    Lol, I could be a gay activist someday, who knows?
    Anyway, keep up the excellent work, anticipating more posts.

    P.s: I know you’d call me awesome *winks* you’re awesome as well. *wide grin*

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  2. here is what i believe about a person’s sexuality or some part of their personality.
    i call it the default setting. when you are born, you are not taught to cry, you just do.
    when having sex for the first time, no one tells you what to do, but for some reason it comes naturally. you are not tall or short or fair or dark by choice, its your default setting.
    your voice is the way it is not by choice…… your hair maybe long or never grow over a certain length……
    since you had no control over all those things, how then can you have control of who you are attracted to? its not something one decides to be or do. its your default setting.

    i think if people can at least understand that, we will get along well in this world.. not just for the gay and lesbians, but for people generally


  3. You’ve opened my eyes to a lot. I’ll def be coming back to your blog. I have a gay friend who’s 20 now and talks to only me about his troubles cause I don’t judge him. Yet I keep wondering if I’m doing the right thing by supporting him. I still don’t know what’s right and wrong, but I have a heart for love and people and I just know reading your work is gonna help me finally decide. God bless you for being sure of yourself.

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    1. Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you like it.

      You are simply sublime for treating your friend the way you do (Lord knows where i would hv been if i didn’t have friends to talk to).

      You are right, it’s hard to pick right or wrong. But, when you consider that the rules that dictate right or wrong are dependent on time, space and the location within a space. The fine line that seems to separate right and wrong begin to fade.

      It’s better to look to virtues, or in popular terms, principles to guide in decision-making. They are timeless and always result in good for all.

      Happy deciding to you.


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