Why I am Still a Virgin? Unrequited Love.

Isn’t their love beautiful? Photo Source: Rogerebert.com

I have fallen in love with eight guys over the course of my 23 year old life. And, I have had a sexual relationship with none.

I got a cuddle once.

Also, I remember I got to kiss one, until he told me my ass reminded him of “Funmi’s” ass.

And another who pressed his lips against mine while pretending to be asleep. When I opened my lips to welcome him, he french kissed me – while “sleeping”. We spoke nothing of it in the mornings. But, it always happened when we shared a bed. Would be years later we would laugh over it.

I guess, this is what I get for living in Nigeria in the early years of the 21st century. I’m not allowed to love. Better still, I am allowed to love, but I mustn’t talk about or act on the kind of love I feel.

The last one was nice. He told me he cared for me, but couldn’t love me in that way.

A central theme from all these experiences with my love interests is I got to share a real romantic relationship with none. It wasn’t because all of them happened to be straight – no straight man would repeatedly kiss another man in secret. It was because I am a man. We didn’t understand such a phenomenon of being in a relationship with another man.

All we were taught was that such feelings were reserved to be shared with the opposite sex. When the feelings sufficed for our same sex brethrens, it was troubling. We muffled it the best we could.

But, that was no good.

Enjoy my blog. You are awesome.

Have you ever experienced unrequited Love? How did you overcome it? Guys, ladies,  share in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Why I am Still a Virgin? Unrequited Love.

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  1. love ur blog.. I’m a virgin too. I have fallen in love with guys in the past but always scared to act on it besides they are mostly my friends and I think they are straight too.
    I have never been opportune to meet a gay guy that we will share the same feelings and I will get to experience how sweet love is BUT that is unlikely if you are a medical student in a school where everybody has to be a good Christian or pretend to be one


    1. Im all for being a good christian. But, i don’t do well with pretense.

      A friend of mine stopped talking to me when i told him i had feelings for him.

      That resulted in two things: it mind me get over him quicker. And, it opened my eyes to the kinda friend he was.

      We reconnected sometime ago. But, it hasn’t been the same. #myBad

      I can leave you with this: You will never know if you are always scared. Be courageous. But, also be extremely cautious. You don’t want to ruin a beautiful friendship because of feelings.

      Who you tell and how you tell is very important. I only use hints through flirting to get him to know. Then, i wait for him to make the move. If that doesn’t work nd i truly trust our friendship. I brave up and tell him about the feelings. Never about the orientation (its a confusing topic).

      Your sweet love is coming soon. Stay true.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      You are simply awesome.


  2. Over every post, I hover over the comment section thinking of what to write. I wouldn’t like to pretend like I understand the whole ‘gay’ issue but I certainly do not like the way they are treated! Its totally disgusting. They are human too and they deserve every bit of what the straight ones get.
    Btw, all i could do was awwwww @ the comments. You guys will find love soon. *E-hugs*


      1. Looool @ I never still find am. You might find it and you might not. So just keep living one day at a time…and don’t forget to have fun while you are at it. Much love from me!!!!
        Looking forward to more posts. You just earned yourself an e-friend!


  3. No one should question any one sexuality. Well, one day I believe all gays in Nigeria will have the Right to showcase their partners in the public.


  4. I don’t understand anything about gay,homosexual,lesbian or the likes but you are good writer.and I can’t wait to see you go beyond this.kudos


    1. Hello, thanks for your kind words. I feel writing needs clarity to be effective and enjoyable. To achieve this, getting my issues with my sexuality out of the way is important.

      Thanks again.

      You are a gem.


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