Is That Guy Gay? This Is How to Know:

Photo Source: Women’s health mag

If he is 23 or older and…

1. Hasn’t had a single girlfriend since birth. There is a *70% chance that he is gay.

2. Takes offense or gets defensive when you ask if he is gay. There is a *77% chance that he is gay.

3. Squirms at the thought of kissing a girl. There is a *98% chance that he is gay.

4. Usually has a pack of good looking girls around him and behaves like one of them. There is a *56% chance that he is gay.

5. Behaves like a girl, there is a *95% chance that is gay.

6. Has pictures of nude men in his phone. If he isn’t a photographer. There is a 78% chance that he is gay.

7. Says OMG! Or Oh My GAhD before saying anything. There is a *51% chance that he is.

8. Flirts with a guy, there is a *89% chance that he is gay.

9. Would rather hang out with a large number of girls in the day time and hang out with one guy and no girl at night. There is a *37% chance that he is gay.

10. Doesn’t like talking about sex with a woman. There is a *91% chance that he is gay.

You don’t really need a gaydar to know a gay guy. Simply look out for certain behaviours.

If at least three of these options are true. There is a 100% chance that he is …

How to Behave Around a Gay Guy

Photo Source: Huffington Post

Now, we love our straight friends. Sometimes, we wish some of them will bend to our wishes. Other times, we wish they would just leave us alone.

We don’t appreciate when you say you would get us a girlfriend to straighten us up. It just doesn’t work that way.

You might swear to the ends of the earth that we would enjoy it. The truth is,  we won’t. And we would hate you for it.

When you joke that you would “organise” a gang of girls to rape us and show us the sweet experience of sex. We might laugh with you. But, we don’t think its funny.

If you can’t offer us what we want. Don’t flirt with us. Its evil.

Not all of us want to have sex with you. Just like you have taste in ladies, we have taste in men. And, you might not fall into the category. Stop being obnoxious and get over yourself.

Most of us are proud of who we are. We might not display this pride, but we are. We love how you get to be yourselves and we fancy the same for ourselves.

Your manly swag drives us crazy -in a very good (you turn me on) way. Keep being manly.

When we happen to share a bathroom like in boarding rooms, NYSC camps etc, Please go on and have your shower with peace of mind. We don’t really care about your naked bodies. The internet is full of such things. Don’t get me wrong. The real thing is nice. However, just like spying at a naked girl is considered to border on perversion. So does staring at you when you bath. Don’t be so pissed when some of us can’t help but stare. Some of you guys can’t help but stare at naked girls when given the chance either.

Not all girly guys are gay, and not all manly men are straight. When you can’t tell the difference, don’t bother asking. Just be nice and friendly. If you are nice and friendly enough, we would let you in on our not-so-little secret.

If by any chance you can’t stand the girlish flamboyance of a man. Simply stay away. Some of us can’t help but be fabulous.

Enjoy my blog You are awesome.

*I made the figures up. *wink*

Can you tell spot a gay guy when you see one? Tell us how in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Is That Guy Gay? This Is How to Know:

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  1. I’m a girl and i have the best gaydar. I have a fabulous family friend that’s gay but his mum would skin him alive if she found out 😦 keep up the good work, I’m enjoying your blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Im glad you are enjoying my blog.

      My heart goes out to your friend. You really cant blame his mum, we are all subject to societal conditioning.

      You are awesome.


  2. Hi dear, i have read a few of your blog posts, and i think would disagree with you on one thing, gay-ism or being gay isn’t “normal”.
    Yes, I am a christian, I have never had sex though or blowjob or whatever( i feel that should be left for married couples). If God had intended for gayism to be normal, he would have created only one sex. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate gay people, i dislike the sin. Sometimes our feelings, human perception, environment and different factors contribute to us seeing “wrong things” as “normal”. Sex before marriage is normal now, but in all the Holy Bible remains my standard…
    ” You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. (NKJ, Leviticus 18:22). If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them. (NKJ, Leviticus 20:13)”.
    if we set our standards and preferences only based on what feels right or normal, then we are seeking to please ourselves.
    I am not sure what religion you are, but I know that God condemns homosexual relationship, and He is willing to put you in the right direction if you will trust him. God loves you so much, and he intends for you to have an extraordinarily superb life.


    1. I remember when i used to pray to God to change my sexuality. Then it occured to me that i would have better luck asking him to change the color of my skin or my gender.

      I never wrote being gay is “normal”. My initial impulse was to delete your comment. But, i got a feeling that you are coming from a good place.

      The only law i took from the Bible is love. The One i follow said it is the greatest law.

      Here are some points i want u to keep in mind.

      1. No one knows the intention of God. You recognize two distinct sexes doesn’t mean that that’s all that there is
      (Humans beings once thought diseases such as malaria were caused by evil spirits. Until, they recognized germs)

      2. Dislike the sin all u want. But know that every sin stems from man-made rules. Rules made to align him to the principles and philosophies of God. And, as with all things man made, errors abound.

      If you study Jesus well, you’ll notice he broke a handful of rules. A behavior that angered “pastors” of his time and led to his untimely death. He (Jesus) understood the philosophies of God. Philosophies help to answer fundamental questions of “why” e.g, why does (insert rule) exist?

      Quote the Bible all you want. Those that killed Jesus could equally quote it. Im sure they could quote “thou shall not kill” written somewhere in it.

      My own standard is God. Im reaching Him through Jesus. The Bible is only my means to that end. Im yet to find a quote He (Jesus) used about homosexuality.

      3. Seems to me you need a distinction btw “natural” and “normal”. is a great resource.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      P.S. This blog is about helping “me” understand my sexuality. We tend to reject what we don’t understand and i am no different. its not meant for you to accept/agree-with it but to see the understanding i have gathered

      Stay tuned

      You are awesome.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love how you write! I could care less if you are gay, but I love your confidence. I’m no one to judge, just be safe! 🙂

    And keep writing so beautifully! You have a new reader.


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