The Beauty of Time; Have a Gay New Month.


Once upon a time,  gay meant happy. People freely declared their gayness and the world smiled at them.

Today,  in some parts of the world,  people can’t utter this word without being labelled sinner, wrong or disgusting.

Isn’t it peculiar how time changes things?

Yet, people still remain largely the same.

Not long ago,  it was a serious crime for white person to marry a black person. Most white people considered it was disgusting to walk side by side with black people. Some even considered it a sin.

Last month, Gulliana Rancic (a white woman) mentioned Zendaya (a black girl) and “weed” in the the same sentence. And, things got very messy. She issued an apology for offending Zendaya. Her colleague lost/quit her job.

Apparently, the word “weed” and the color of Zendaya’s skin shouldn’t be used in the same context. If she were of some other race, maybe, things wouldn’t have gotten so messy.

It got me thinking how the reaction to this same situation would have turned out sixty years ago. Maybe, what happened with Funmi and Bisi in 2004 would have happened.

Then, i imagined how the scandal Funmi and Bisi found themselves in would transpire if it happened sixty years from now.

Would coming out in Nigeria become as irrelevant as it has become in the western world?

All I can do is marvel at time. It is a beautiful thing, like flowing water from a spring, it washes away and cleanses. Tick by tock, tock by tick,  second by second. Ever moving.

I feel gay. I am gay. And, I wish you a gay new month.

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