Words For Chimamanda Adichie

I adore Chimamanda Adichie. I love that she exists. I am mesmerized by her success. As a human being, she defines the status I fancy occupying.

It was heart breaking to hear that she was depressed. Sometimes, I imagine people of a certain success don’t suffer ailments designed for other mortals. Then, I remind myself that we are all humans.

My love for Chimamanda begun when I picked up “Purple Hibiscus“. Her writing, so pure, so clear, so simple. I went on to read her other books and remained in love with her. It was mind-boggling how reading her book suddenly seperated the cool kids from the rest. But, that’s story for another time.

I am writing this to let Chimamanda know that even though certain chemicals from her brain make her feel awful, she should stay strong and focus on the beautiful things she has done.

I read an article in which Chimamanda discussed homosexuality in Nigeria. That’s when my love for her transcended into adoration. Not because I am gay, but because she wasn’t bland in her argument. She didn’t say, let’s just accept the gays, we are all humans. She said, let us all torelate our differences.

Truth be told, most gay people don’t care about being accepted. They just want to live. I know I don’t care much. I prefer nature takes its course. Things always walk out for the best – no matter the resistance.

You can say I am a Christain. Or, I believe in God. God is perfect. He makes perfect things. He made me. Things may not seem perfect.  But, when you consider that God is timeless, you begin to see the perfection.

Being blinded by time is no excuse to rain stupidity from ignorance. Perfection will be achieved. The timelessness of God dictates that it has already been achieved.

So, with or without your consent. Tolerance will prevail. It is an undying virtue of love. And, Love is God.

I’m glad Chimamanda has begun this talk about depression. It is important to gay people. Gay Nigerians. People who might not have the means to deal with it. I have had my fair share of it. It is not pretty.

Say I am priveleged, say I belong to the upper class. Say, I am blessed. But, the boy hawking CDs in traffic who doesn’t understand himself is just as important.

Understanding gave me understanding to understand myself. That understanding came from love that I sometimes feel i don’t deserve, or feel everybody deserves.

What good are you doing?

Chimamanda is a good person. I find her goodness as her most endearing quality. She supersedes being righteous with being good.

I wish Chimamanda can read this and feel good about herself and what she has done. Because, it the truth.

Enjoy my Blog. You are awesome.

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  1. I’m an aspiring writer, writing my first novel which I intend to release in few months time. I love Chiamamanda for her boldness for coming out for gay people. I’ve no right to say being gay is bad or unholy but What I can say is that I Have no right to judge. We all are equal and everyone has the right to be with who so ever they choose to be With. Who are we, when we are not God to stop a gay man or a lesbian from loving someone. Keep on writing. You are awesome!


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