Nigeria’s Hottest Men

Whenever I become sexually excited, I love to visit “manly sites” for gay people. Sometimes, i google “hottest men in Nigeria”. But, the results are never good enough.

So, I decided to compile my list. A list of 7 hot male Nigerian celebrities.  Men that make me feel all tingly inside and send blood rushing to my preeq.

1. Ebuka

I first saw him on The Spot. Then, he made me wish I watched his season of big brother.

He is true boyfriend material. When I see him I not only think of sex. I think of long term romantic relationship. I guess its his air of groundedness or i’m a single horny b-*ch.

Walking along with him in a beach would be nice. Holding hands and marveling at the beauty of the sunset. *hugs*

Photo Source: Omo

2. Uti

This is one guy whose -always fitting- clothes I always want to rip off. He always looks gorgeous in them. Clothes by designers that know what it means to tailor for a man. Its sad that all i ever want to do is tear them off him.

Because, his nakedness will be way more appealing. To sleep on that chest, carress that butt or just watch him smile at me in his birthday suit. #Heaven. I Love you Uti!

Photo Source: Nairaland

3. Alex

Kissing. I think of kissing when I see Alex. His lips are just so kissable. His relationship with Uti is not my business. I wont delve into it. I just love his lips. *Kisses*

Photo Source: Fuse

4. Praiz

A duet with this guy would be nice. Supernice.

Photo Source: Star Gist

5. Iyanya

Iyanya’s nudity is already plastered all over the internet. Though, I wouldn’t mind being alone with him in a room in Federal Palace Hotel. His bare skin against mine. Chest to back. Pelvis to butt. A sweet cuddle. *Good morning*.

Photo Source: Twitter

6. Davido

I just want to put my index finger in that dimple. Play with his face. Enjoy french kissing him. Dance with him. Make a hit song with him.

He is cute, famous and financially wealth. That is a very nice combination.

Photo Source: Fuse

7. Art Alade

A friend of mine thinks this guy is an arrogant pussy who just happens to have a wife. I think he is a confident man with the swag of an accomplished singer.

Would I like to see him naked? Maybe. But, the thought of his wife always welcomes a certain softness.

That is NOT his wife. Photo Source: Bella Naija

DISCLAIMER: Just like Sam Smith, I may not fancy a one night stand. But, these men can seriously make me reconsider. I have no affliation to any, and I know nothing of the status of their sexual orientation or preference. I am just a single guy who gets horny.

Enjoy my blog. You are awesome

Who are men you think are hot? Share in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Nigeria’s Hottest Men

Add yours

  1. Ummm…sweetie, Ebuka is mine and mine ALONE!!!! Av had a crush on him for as long as I can remember….and ain’t nobody taking him away from me! *bbmstraightface*


  2. Oh Uti, my Uti just the way I like my men. But, funny thing is I fell in love with a fair guy and he is not even tall. crushing and fantasizing is free though.*evilgrin*


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