A Look At Discretion

When I am asked, when are you going to get married, my response tends to follow something along the line of, "I don't know. Marriage isn't something I think actively about." One thing I never add, and I've realised no one bothers to ask, is why I don't think actively about marriage. I now occupy... Continue Reading →

You Are Homophobic, Admit It.

The phenomenon of homophobia touches every aspect of a gay man’s life. Work, romance, religion, politics, the feelings of acceptance and belonging. From the casual remark of the unexposed bigot who utters “how man go dey fuck man” to the extreme case of gay men being thrown off roof tops to their deaths, homophobia manifests... Continue Reading →

Understand What it Means to be Discreet

Because it is possible for a mother to disown her offspring, from having learned of his/her homosexual tendencies, a phenomenon exists of homosexuals who keep their homosexuality to themselves (and sometimes to a select few). The style for this mode of operation comes served in one word: Discreet. To be discreet, in gay lingua, is... Continue Reading →


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